Luxurious detail Grand Hall, Empire Hotel & Country Club Grand ballroom's lighting decorated with alabaster and topakustic material Eloquently crafted A tranquil setting, a perfect venue for conferences, weddings and special occasions Grand Hall of the Empire Hotel & Country Club Hotel Perfect geometry Customised lattice pattern adopted from local motifs Foyer of Grand Hall, Empire Hotel & Country Club Spiritual calm and serenity The traditional malay grandeur Proposed Mosque for Meragang community, Brunei Opulence, elegance and order Internal dome ceiling of the main atrium Prime Minister's Office, Brunei An innovative office complex Proposal for a new office headquarters Archetypal & stylish Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hall Aspiration, function & purpose Contemporary & spacious ballroom The Beauty of administration The highest form of art, utility & function The Prime Minister's Office Complex Classical symmetry Collosal support cladded in rare marbles Atrium space at The Prime Minister's Office Simplistic grandeur Front main entrance of The Prime Minister's Office