In view of the expanding realism of international projects, the firm has found it is mutually beneficial to associate with other highly qualified Consultants such as Business Planners, Feasibility Study Consultants, Environmental Management Expert, Property Managements and/or Consultants and other Specialist Expert such as Lighting and Acoustical Designers, Traffic Engineers, Graphic Designers etc in the form of joint ventures in totally integrated combination of professional services. The firm has collaborated and formed strategic partnership with numerous international firms.

We are always focused on branching out our services and reaching out to provide significant involvement to local communities allowing adaptability for each client.

Blue Snow Energy

Our affiliation with Blue Snow was established in 2013 with the launch of the Brunei office as one of its strategic partner.

Blue Snow Energy was set up in 2005 to provide boutique energy and building technology services to the building and infrastructure sector. The focus was to assemble a team of industry professionals to assist developers, owners and design teams to enhance the energy performance of buildings in its design stage and buildings that are already in operation.

As the company progressed, clients were increasingly asking for total solutions as opposed to just analysis. This drove Blue Snow to develop its own solutions as well as partner with other solution providers to provide services ranging from audit, design, analysis, solution implementation, commissioning and maintenance.

Today, Blue Snow , an Engineering Consulting entity registered with the Board of Engineers, provides full and comprehensive Engineering , Energy Management and Energy Know-How tailored to your business ideas.


On May 2018, saw the launching of the collaboration partnership between OWMP International and Socialight in Brunei.

Socialight provides lighting design and consultancy services that is impartial and creative. Every project that it undertakes is meaningful and given utmost priority. Socialight was rebranded from Lighting Images in 2016 following a change in leadership and to align with a new vision in the current energy conscious and value driven age.

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