The Completion of the Prime Minister’s Office Complex

Beauty, in architecture, is all about the balance between textures, function and form. Our aspiration is to create spaces that both inspire and move the occupants, community and the nation, prides for the Sultanate.

Located on a prestigious governmental precinct area, The Prime Minister’s Office became a new highly recognizable, visible landmark and popular tourist attraction in Bandar Seri Begawan, showcasing the significance and history of this symbolic building to accommodate the growing spatial needs of the ministry.

OWMP was appointed, through a rigid selection process, by His Majesty’s Government as architect, interior designer and landscape designer to complete the 18 months project in time for the 22nd ASEAN Summit Meeting chaired by Brunei Darussalam.

There is the symmetry of the two wings, with its majestic dome nestled between; surrounded by a melody of water fountains. The result can only be described as magnificent.

Brunei Darussalam’s theme for the Chairmanship is ‘Our People, Our Future Together’. This theme stresses the role of the people in ASEAN Member States in advancing cooperation in the areas of political-security, economic and socio-cultural. It also asserts that the region’s future is dependent on how the people of ASEAN move and work together to ensure progress for the development of the whole region.


Civic + cultural


18 months



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