Raimie Ramlee

Junior Designer & Visual Graphics Artist


Advanced Diploma in Interior design, Politeknik, Brunei Darussalam.


Architectural Visualiser
Interior Design
Visual Graphics Artist


Interior Design

As a visual artist at OWMP International, Raimie assists clients and users in envisioning their conceptualized ideas in stages prior to construction. He brings a rooted sensitivity to his design approach, passionate about the identification of local contexts and cultures that exist within the realms of globalisation. He opts for a modern and minimalistic stance and is an advocate of Green Design methods and ideologies, keeping resources to a minimum and maximizing project efficiencies.

A strong community supporter, he is actively involved in contributing back to the community and participates in events aimed at equipping our future generations with the necessary tools in defining and shaping our community for a better tomorrow.



“Creativity is limitless. Designing is a passion, a lifestyle and something that comes from within.”