Geronimo Medina

Architectural Technologist


Bachelor of Science in Architecture – University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture & Fine Arts, Manila, Philippines.

Technical Drafting – Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts & Trades Pampanga, Philippines.


Tropical Architecture
Interior Design Hospitality
Residential + Commercial
Civic & Government
Design Developer
Commercial Software
Landscape Photography



With more than 25 years of professional experience in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design, Geronimo plays an essential role in the office’s pursuance of design and technical excellence. His expertise developed from his earlier days as a Design Developer, eventually gaining recognition through award winning designs and nominations for his work in different localities in Dubai, Hong Kong and Bahrain. His extensive knowledge spans from construction systems and techniques to the detailing of all building types, classification and scales; ranging from Classical, Mid Century, Contemporary, Modern & Tropical Architecture Design characteristics.

He is able to converse fluently in regards to sight lines, spatial relationships, the play of light and shadow, functionality, effectivity and other primary concepts that help clients see the meaning behind their projects through an architect’s eyes. The resulting dialogue elicits a clearer sense of what desires and priorities are driving the client’s wishes and, at the same time, provides new insights for working with their ideas.


“The most successful projects are those in which clients’ react to an architect’s vision as if it were their own.”