Farhana Kifli



Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Architecture, De Montfort University, United Kingdom.


Religious buildings
3D visualiser



Freshly graduated and a budding new member to the team, Farhana finds herself identifying with OWMP International’s standards, in its’ aspirations to be recognised as a global leader; bringing to the forefront agendas that respond authentically to our natural environment, raising concerns such as green design strategies and sustainability.

Her exposure to living abroad from a tender age has allowed her to gain much insight into the education of our built environments, from which she utilises her knowledge to a precision. She believes in the incorporation of a knowledge-driven and futuristic mindset as key to transforming a client’s spatial experiences well beyond satisfaction.

Farhana clearly expresses her enthusiasm in embarking on her professional career, currently assisting the team and developing on project management and architectural design. Her courageous spirit to contributing innovative ideas have inspired her colleagues and enhanced the workplace experience. She also continues to pursue a Masters in Architecture.


“Great Architecture involves meaningful observations to laws of nature, which guides us innovators of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in considerations to the sustainability of building designs.”