Eriberto Luciano

BSc Arch – Associate


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, La Consolacion College Philippines.



Started as a senior draughtsman, Eriberto hones over three decades of distinctive architectural accomplishments and professional experiences in architecture and interior design. He joined OWMP International in 2008, revealing levels of leadership and astute business acumens, which have since guided the firm to delivering successful completion of projects from conception to construction.

In addition to his expertise in construction detailing, Eriberto’s project management skills are demonstrated in his ability to orchestrate diverse agendas simultaneously to underlining parameters that maintain crucial aspects of the project, such as schedule and budget. His keen sense of integrating designing processes, resonate for innovation and coordination between the studio team, clients and consultants in arriving at a creative consensus; fostering optimal results.

He is profound in building long-term trusted client relationships and collaborative partnerships; understanding each and every intention from the outset. Eriberto designs with purpose and passion, contributing a work ethos that is responsible in addressing clients’ unique and evolving needs; ensuring that all ideas are successfully brought to fruition.