Kampong Mentiri Fire Station and Residential Development

The buildings within the site is envisaged to be modern and contemporary along with a few shared public facilities to enable participation or involvement from the local community in the area. The fire station is designed to portray modern yet simple minimalist form which symbolizes a sprinter running forward as a metaphor, thus reflecting the motto ‘always ready’.

Translated from the theme ‘Creating a Safe Tomorrow’, the architects, consultants and Brunei Fire and Rescue Department works together with communities to understand the needs of these facilities and be better prepared against possible calamities.

Along with the rapid development of this country, Brunei Fire and Rescue Department strenuously pushes forward measures such as modernization of fire stations and the staff quarters, firefighting equipment as well as strengthening of the fire prevention and rescue. This includes upgrading facilities and skills of personnel and hence reinforces nation building where the community’s peace of mine is secured. More importantly, the facilities are designed to enable public participation through volunteer ship programme and sharing knowledge with the communities as shown in the open concept planning.

Green building elements are emphasized on site planning which is more than 22% of the total site area dedicated for green area. Passive energy saving has been introduced in the site development plan and the building design itself. For example, the fire station is designed in such a way that deep over hanged and angled reflective glass windows are used to encourage shadows and shades as well as to reflect unwanted heat. By doing so, it should minimize the energy consumption in the long run especially from heavy utilization of air-conditioning unit. Full height vertical timber lattice wall for the surau building are designed to create cross ventilation which minimized the use of air-conditioning. To conclude, the whole development is carefully planned and designed by the Consulting Team with cost effective factors in mind but without compromising quality and the aesthetics.


Green Building


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