Sekolah Arab Belait

The project is located at the junction of Jalan Dipa Negara and Jalan Singa Menteri, Kuala Belait. OWMP International has been appointed as the lead consultants and architects for the project.

This learning facility for the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) is designed to function and to accommodate the needs of students within the Kuala Belait area. In order to achieve MORA’s vision and mission (in-line with the National Education System for the 21st Century), it is equipped with amenities such as a total of 9 classrooms that can accommodate up to 225 students (25 students per classroom), an ICT laboratory (32 students capacity), a language laboratory (15 students capacity) and 2 science laboratories (15 students per lab). Also provided in this two storey building are a library (24 students capacity), and a multi-purpose hall with a maximum capacity of 400 students for learning or extracurricular activities.

To further support the school, facilities such as the offices, staff room and headmaster’s room are located on the ground floor level for ease of access by students and parents. All of these spaces are well protected by a series of wide corridors, connected from one zone to another. This colonnade is created as a protection from direct sun and rain; it is derived from part of the basic building design principles typically found in tropical climate conditions.

A stand alone surau building with a total capacity of 192 people is located within the school compound. Elaborate yet simple Islamic geometric patterns as well as pointed arches are some of the Islamic features employed in the design of the building. A site master plan has also been included in this 4 acre site, designed by OWMP International to accommodate future requirements, such as a male and female hostel, and sports facilities.




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