Abegail Lasquety

BSc Arch – Architectural Technologist


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Manuel S Enverga University Foundation, Philippines. 


Creative thinking
Technical detailing
CAD, Microsoft office
Attention to details
Problem solving



Abegail joined OWMP International in 2010. A team centric and an expert in architectural detailing, Abegail harnesses her experiences and multi-faceted abilities to meet with standards at the top of the notch.

Her work entails analyzing architectural plans, comprehending building designs and regulations, consultation reviews and networking ideas, active research on design viabilities in line with building function, identification of possible risks and solutions, preparation of technical drawings and designing of architectural documentation, attainment of building permits and henceforth.

Her eye for detail and approachable forte have earned her praise from her counterparts who appreciate her dedication to excellence. Her client-focused approach adds tremendous value to the firm and its clients.



“The inception to visible manifestations is a translation that always begins with the seed of inspiration; where the end user seeks to empathetic values held behind it, creates for positive impact in their lives. This all in awe of a ‘successful design’.”