Meragang Mosque for the National Housing Scheme Kampung Meragang

OWMP was first commissioned as masterplanner, architect and interior designer for the Meragang Mosque back in September 2013 for the Meragang housing community however a reappointment in February 2019 due to a budget restructuring has finally conceived a purposeful community masjid – a hub for dissemination of Islamic lectures, wedding ceremonies and a place of gathering that boast complete amenities to support formal functions and aesthetic. These includes a main prayer hall for male with a capacity of 1535 pax and 135 pax for female, a separate prayer hall for female situated on the western wing with a capacity of 85 pax, guest holding room, classrooms, library, funeral management area, a pantry, storage area and so forth.

The site is situated on a 8.159 acre flat ground within the Meragang Housing estate that has at least 2000 homes. Simple masterplanning strategies was employed which focused on efficiency and functionality to accommodate a rather tight budget. The design inspiration comes from a Middle eastern traditional classical mosque which is flanked by two colossal minaret structures and a proportionally sized dome which depicts the centre of the worship area. Arabesque motifs and design ideas were also presence throughout and can be seen on the exterior as well as the interior of the 2000 meter square building. The interior décor is simplistically elegant whilst abundant daylighting from the windows around the dome area are purposely designed to light up the huge space. Other green design features are the clever use of double glazing throughout, LED lightings, high efficient air conditioning system whilst deep overhangs and fenestration recesses provide protection from the elements, direct contact from heat during the day and provide supporting shade and shadow.

In the past, we have designed small prayer halls (surau) but this is truly a humbling honour to be part of the design team to be able to design and experience the very first mosque by our office.



Location & Site Development Plan

Early Conceptual Sketches



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